Your holiness your Excellencies respected members of the Sanka and Friends iriyama today's celebration is quite a short time and many things to achieve is quite challenging for us to accomplish many things in a short time somehow we have managed to realize our goal that is to exchange ideas wills and experiences so much that we can read and go home with something in our hand is our might to pass over the ideas or implemented a former Prime Minister of Thailand pretty upon omean one said when you have power when you have power or in a powerful position sometimes you lack experience you are in either experience too soon to be in a powerful position without much experience or knowledge another problem is that once you again experience and knowledge you have no power to implement it experience and knowledge a properties or or briefs for scholars sekolah have a lot of suggestion advices but no power whereas the effective obliterators they have power but in need of experience how do you combine the two together that's why the executives their abilities need advice need scholars to give guidance that's why our celebration intend to bring both comes together Buddhist leaders and Buddhist scholars and the basis for the scholar to have your own power like philosopher king of Plateau King with our knowledge King with our wisdom is just a king for Plato but once the King gained knowledge and experience he becomes philosopher king that is the idea so that's kind of combination reflected in our Bangkok declaration our wish in our plan to do in a future with recommended and wise from the Buddhist both with this Buddhist readers and Buddhist chorus but those who are in power I have capable of implementation so please reason carefully.

​I expect our vision our expectation which reason from our discussion so the outcome of our endeavor for the last two days are as follow which is summarized in Bangkok declaration signed by the Buddhist readers and Buddhist scholars the first page of the Bangkok declaration is about introduction is it about who won in her pigeon or most two-pager I will skip I just reach as a few lies of the introduction of the Bangkok declaration of the thirteen and will raise reparation of the United Nation days of Vesak so it's calls like this I will read our present to you this is endorsed by the signatures of the Buddhist reader and scholars here just this is an announcement on the 15 December 1999 no no sorry I skip this part we the participants from 85 countries and regions have come together on May 22 22nd through 23rd 2016 Buddhist era 25:59 to celebrate the birth enlightenment and mahaparinirvana of the Buddha as in the previous years the celebration were graciously supported by Royal Thai government under the guidance of supremes and Kakashi of Thailand and generally organized by maha chulalongkorn lodge with really a university and the next page at the conclusion of our successful celebration and meetings.

 We have unanimously resolved as follows number one it was pointed out that the war is indeed a condition of might thus peace of the world cannot be legislated tracing the root causes of conflicts and violence in the mind of the global citizens education was identified as a powerful means to help mankind to more to move towards unity up man global economy and a earth citizenship participants discuss and agree about a broad framework for a possible Buddhist strategy for world peace in general and about the three main stages of peace building in particular prevention conflict resolution and rehabilitation will identify as key issues to be addressed to prevent conflicts the Buddhist leaders emphasized the importance of peace education in case of albers of conflict for the resolution of it the restoration of dialogue among in for parties is of Whitehall and immediate task finally if a crazy if actions or even wars have taken place concentration on liberty habilitation ought to be at the center of the efforts of the Buddhist number two based on the recommendation of the Executive Committee of the International calcium for today of ways at ICD V participants agree with the decision to make available for the broad public the printed version of the common Buddhist which has been exposed by three different panels of experts and Buddhist leaders number three in discussing the issues related to Buddhist part of peace.

But it spends emphasized that one of the hallmarks of Buddha the Buddha teaching is the promotion of peace and non-violence Buddhism has always stressed the path of peaceful resolution of disputes between individuals communities nations or institutions excessive competition is to be avoided why are NZ in all terms and manifestations is chan but by and large therefore Buddhism is synonymous with peace because Buddhism firmly believe in freedom of choice for the individual and cherishes the diversity of human thoughts and ideas it rejects the imposition of ideas on others tolerances does a central tenet in Buddhism number four participant express their strong belief that the universal message of peace goodwill and compassion preached by Lord Buddha more than 26 2006 years ago have there been more alone than today mutual understanding kindness to fellow human beings and compassion the hallmarks of the Buddhist faith the Buddha himself once said that there is no problem in accident which cannot be resolved with the right understanding and the right effort every problem however intricate however complex contained within itself the means for Its own resolution buddhism preaches moderation no beaten path a Buddhist corn.

​It it's a way of life which seeks to avoid the pitfalls of extremism the sense of veneration serves as a foundation for actions of Buddhists towards others and we hope curse firkin excessive excesses which all too often manifests themselves in our global village number five regarding the boot the Buddhist contribution to development or responsibility for world peace it was recognized that the waiver of every living being no matter how insignificant it may seem to us is spiritually important and deserving of our concern embracing the Horn biosphere and not limiting to our generation but extending to the future generations as well number six to further strengthen the mutual understanding and collective development on the Buddhist path between Buddhist communities worldwide the participant agreed to dedicate the forum on of me as recognized and also at the UN headquarters and regional offices after day of chanting of the Buddha was and meditation number seven but his pens and and Eva Kali supported the newly established global standard as defined by the UN Framework Convention on the climate change see you during the cop21 some meet in Paris last December and already side by 171 77 signatories and SEP 29 the generosity of and crucial role played by the Kingdom of Thailand in hosting the United Nations day of ways act over so many years and to approve and support the Democratic Socialist Republic of Ceylon car to host the next 14 anniversary called collaboration celebration of the united nation of the day vesak 2017 that is palea an outcome of our effort to achieve this kind of unity of ideas and action to him to be implemented in the future is not easy as you can see from the separate of collaboration shown in our open discussion if we can have more time for our open discussion I think we can continue to exchange views and ideas and plan to work together.

 Somehow we have limited time so we have to wide up our celebration and not with our acknowledgment of contribution and support from various parties first I would like to acknowledge the help and support of the organized organizing committee we have form organizing committee which is a National Committee local committee merely consisting of MCU mahalo local area university staff they work very hard along with the warranties many names many phases have been working in the beginning for the last 13 years please express you are appreciate by give them big hands and these kinds of celebration is made possible not only by the local organizing team we coordinate our preparation with within the national team which comprised of various international figures we form two associations and find out that these two Association so generous and help coordinating our world crowd work for preparation of this celebration quite well the first team from executive committee of ICD via the International Khalsa for the day of Asia and the second team is executive committee from ia bu international Buddhist universities so please express your sense week with a brick across the success of this celebration would not have been possible without a financial support from the Thai government that you know but that is not enough we have raised funds and with donation from private sectors with donation from the generous Buddhist in our country so we can have maybe what well I will say the convenience of our celebration so with our thanks to them please express your try attitude and thanks the completion of our celebration is really compressed because of your participation in spite of preparation and everything without the presence of Buddhist readers like Sangha Raja mahana Yaka and other Buddhist readers with our participation of the government readers international bodies representation from the Thai government Buddhist scholars and all of us here this celebration would not have been successful as it is so conquer it always have friends my final request see you again next year.