Sub-theme 01: Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace


  1. Moments to Mind:Principles of Buddhist Leadership and the Process of Cognition in the Sautrāntika School - Benjamin Joseph Goldstein
  2. Five Principles of Global Leadership - Most Ven. Thich Nhat Tu
  3. Right concentration and mental well being - Bhikkhuni Hue Lien
  4. Buddhist Perspective on Mindful Leadership for Strengthening Peace - Ram Kalap Tiwari
  5. To Achieve Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace: Suggesting a Buddhist Way of Josaseon (Patriarchal Zen) Practice - Ven. Jinwol Dowon
  6. How to Build Up a Mindful Leadership for a Sustainable Society from the Perspective of Bodhisatva Ideal - Le Thi Thanh Thuy
  7. Mindful Leadership for a Sustainable Peace Oriented by the Emperor Trần Nhân Tông - Nguyen Viet Bao Hung
  8. Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace - Binodini Das & Amrita Das
  9. Bodhisattva’s Leadership: Mental Leadership for Sustainable Peace - Phra Rajapariyatkavi
  10. Buddha and Sustainable World Peace: A Study on His Mindful Leadership - Projit Kumar Palit
  11. Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace: A Buddhist Approach with Reference to U.N. Charter - Sandeep Chandrabhanji Nagarale
  12. Buddhist Concept of Spiritual and Mindful Leadership Qualities for Sustainable Peace and Development - Ven. Devinda
  13. Engaged Buddhism in India: Buddhist Approach of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to Sustainable Society in India - Manish T. Meshram
  14. Buddhist Approach to Universal Ethics through Good Governance: A Study on Ten Royal Virtues - Biman Chandra Barua & Neeru Barua
  15. An Approach to Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership - Ven. Thich Minh Thanh
  16. Buddhist Perspective on Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace - Kalsang Wangmo
  17. Mindful Leader in the Global Society - L. Udaya Kumar & GM Susmitha
  18. Mindfulness for Self-Transformation and Becoming an Inspiration for Society - Ven. P. R. Tongchangya


  1. Buddhist Teachings to Sustainable Peace Building - Ehelepola Mahinda
  2. The Role of Religion in Leadership for Conflict Resolution and Peace Building with Reference to Buddhist Teachings - G. S. Charith Priyadarshan
  3. Tree Intertwined Paths to Leading for Sustainable Peace - Phe Bach & W. Edward Bureau
  4. Buddhist Theory of Peaceful Co-Existence - Samatha Ilangakoon
  5. Some Unmindful Issues of Buddhist Leaders Who Seek Sustainable Peace - Rev. Dato’ Dr.Sumana Siri
  6. A Study of Buddhist Teachings with Respect to Conflict Resolution - Ven. Moragaswewe Vijitha
  7. Buddhist Views on Violent Conflict in Society: The Role of Leadership in Peace Building - Ven. Lien Vien
  8. Mindfulness: A Tool for Sustainable Peace - Neeraj Yadav
  9. Logic and Correct Mindset Any Peace-Making Leaders Must Acquire - Can Dong Guo
  10. Sustainable Development and World Peace: A Buddhist Approach - Chandrashekhar Paswan
  11. Buddhism, Non-Violence and the Making of a Sustainable Society: A study in Prospects and Potentials - Rana Purushotam Kumar Singh
  12. Significance of Buddhist Diplomacy for Sustainable Development in Modern Asia - Santosh K. Gupta
  13. The View of Buddhists about the Cause of Violence, Conflict,War and Methods of Remedy - Tran Duc Nam
  14. Ideal Democratic Leadership for the Establishment of Sustainable Peace through Buddhist Polity - Ven. Ridegama Wanarathana
  15. Buddhist Psychological Approach for Sustainable Peace - Dipen Barua
  16. Buddhist Approach to Sustainable World Peace - Satyendra Kumar Pandey & Simerjit Kaur