Sub-theme 02: Buddhist Approach to Harmonious Families Healthcare and Sustainable Societies


Family Relations

  1. Buddhist Approach to Harmonious Families: With Special Reference to Right Speech (Sammāvācā) - Ujjwal Kumar
  2. Application of Buddhist Teaching in Doing Counselling for Children - Sumedha Viraj Sripathi Ukwatta
  3. Buddhist Psychological Teachings for a Harmonious Family in a Sustainable Society - H. M. Mahinda Herath
  4. Buddhism and Motherhood - Daya Dissanayake
  5. Religious Minister- Vital Factor for the Composition of Family Unit - Tilak Kariyawasam
  6. Managing Family Issues Concerning Householder: An Interpretation Based on Sigālovāda Suta - Kavita Chauhan
  7. A Buddhism as a Tool for Psychological Adaptation of Female-Headed Households in Sri Lanka - W.M. Gayathri Panampitiya, E.A.D.Anusha Edirisinghe
  8. Buddhist Emotional Quotient (Soft Skills) Used as Techniques for Buddhist Family Therapy - Sarath Chandrasekara
  9. Buddhist Approach to Harmonious Families in the Changing Society - Kyoung-Hee Lee
  10. Child Preparation for a Sustainable Society According to Buddhism - Rev. Pepiliyawala Narada
  11. Buddhist Exegesis of Family Bondages and Stability of Social Cohesion - Ven. Dampahala Rahula
  12. Contributions of Buddhism to Improving Interpersonal Relationships - Hoang Minh Phu
  13. Overcoming Conflicts and Tension within Family: A Buddhist Response - Swe Swe Mon
  14. Duty and Compassion: Theravada Buddhist Approach to Harmonious Families, Health Care and Sustainable Societies - Pataraporn Sirikanchana
  15. The Buddhist Way of Living For The Sustainability: Harmonious Sri Lankan Family and Modern Challenges - Ramesha Jayaneththi

Child Abuse and Protection

  1. Buddhist Attitude on Prevention Child Abuse For Sustainable Development - Rev. Sangabopura Akhila
  2. The Use of Singalovada Sutta for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse - MW. Jayasundara
  3. For a Sustainable Future: Buddhist Perspective of Child Protection with Special Reference to Theravāda Buddhism - Kaushalya Karunasagara


  1. Buddhist Approach to Harmonious Healthcare - Arun Kumar Yadav
  2. Buddhist Approach to Health and Well-Being: the Way Forward to a Sustainable Future - A. Sarath Ananda
  3. Life Style Enhancement and New Dimensions of Health Care: A Focus on Pain Management - Padmasiri De Silva
  4. Current Health Issues and the Application of Girimānanda Sutta - Manakada Kemananda

Physical Health

  1. The National Sangha Health Charter: A mechanism for Bud-dhist Monks’ Health Promotion - Phramaha Boonchuay Doojai, Phramaha Prayoon Chotivaro, Patitham Samniang
  2. The Buddhist Concept of "Food in Moderation" for Global Healthcare - Ven. Ayagama Siri Yasassi
  3. "Euthanasia - the Medical Suicide" in a Buddhist Perspective - Rev. Embilipitiye Suseela
  4. Bhojana Sappāya: Mindfulness Consumption, Practice of Theravada Monks - Nichaboon Charuprakorn

Emotional Health

  1. How Vipassanā Meditation Deals with Psychological Problems of The Anger Character in Order to Create a Peaceful Life - Julia Surya
  2. Buddhist Approach to Sustainable Societies Through Anger Control Methods - Chin Yi Chun
  3. Effect of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy on Emotional Well-Being Among Young Adults - Anand Pratap Singh & Jyoti Sharma

Mental Health

  1. Psychotherapy for Criminal Psychology from Buddhist Perspective - Nguyen Trinh Thi Ai Lien
  2. Meditation-Based Therapies in Mental Health for Wellbeing - Ho Thi Thu Hang
  3. Utility of Buddhist Meditation to Overcome Physical Infirmity And Mental Disorders Based on Modern Neuroscience Researches - Ven. Polgolle Kusaladhamma
  4. Mind in Harmony: A Buddhist Perspective - Indu Girish
  5. Buddhist Psychology: Relating Buddhism to Modern Psychological Techniques - Jyoti Gaur
  6. Buddhist Psychology to Navigate the Modern World - Neekee Chaturvedi
  7. Using Satipatthāna Bhāvanā to Help Improve the Mental Wellness of LGBTQ People - Zhong Haoqin
  8. Buddhist Psychotherapy to Build Mental Health - Asep Yusup Indaviriyo
  9. Effect of Buddhist Psychological Healing Systems for The Torturous People in Sri Lanka: a Case Study of Nāgānanda Buddhist Āyurvedic Hospital - Lisa Tanaya

Meditation and Other Buddhist Approaches to Care and Healing

  1. Spiritual Care as an Embodiment of Buddhist Loving-Kindness and Compassion Teachings: A Buddhist Chaplain’s Perspective - Rev. Fuminobu (Eishin) Komura
  2. Who Cares for the Responder - John M. Scorsine
  3. Buddhist Rituals for Health and Healing in Western Himalayas: A Special Reference to the Shamans - Sunita Devi
  4. Buddhist Health-Care from an Anthropological Perspective - Huynh Thi Kim Hong - Anjali Kuran
  5. Buddhist Chaplaincy as a Means of Buddhist Education, Practice, and Service for the Youth - Priya Rakkhit Sraman
  6. A Comparative Study on Coaching in Buddhist and Western Psychology to Create a Sustainable Society - Ven. Raniswala Sunanda
  7. Thinking of Life Through Death; Buddhist Perspective on Death - Thalpe Ge Indika Piyadarshani Somaratne
  8. Healthy Brain: Cognitive Transformations and Associated Neural Dynamics of Vipassana Meditation - Jyothi Kakumanu
  9. Buddhist Meditation to Harmonious Family, Healthcare and Sustainable Society - Ven. Dr. Thich Nu Hang Lien
  10. Dhātumanasikāra: an Analysis of Its Impact on Buddhist Practitioners of Myanmar - Pannyavara
  11. The Relationship Between Mindfulness and Perceived Happiness of Monk and Nun Students in Vietnam Buddhist University - Phan Thi Mai Huong and Thich Nu Minh Hoa
  12. Effects of Mindfulness Practices on Working Memory Capacity and Verbal Reasoning of College Students - Ram Kalap Tiwari