Sub-theme 03: Buddhist Approach to Global Educations in Ethics


  1. Universally Valid Ethical Norms of Buddhism Applicable to Global Education in Ethics - Pahalawattage Don Premasiri
  2. Teaching Buddhist Ethics Through the Life of the Buddha - Jesus Abraham Velez de Cea
  3. Early Buddhist Moral Theory for Global Education in Ethics - Gunatilake Athukoralalage Somaratne
  4. A Buddhist Contribution to the Global Education of Ethics: A Non-Metaphysical Basis for Ethics - Marasinghe Arachchige Radika Sewwandi Marasinghe
  5. Thich Nhat Hanh’s Approach to Global Education in Ethics - Jeff Waistell
  6. Role of Buddhist Ethics for a Better Education - Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Kasun Dharmasiri
  7. Understanding the Concept of the "Educated Person": A Buddhist Perspective - Kazal Barua
  8. Buddhist Ethical Approach to Sustainable Societies - Kanchan Saxena
  9. Buddhist Approach to Ethical Education - Baidyanath Labh
  10. Teaching Methods used by the Buddha to Globalise Ethics for Creating a Sustainable Society - Rev. Mediyawe Piyarathana
  11. Methods to Overcome Impediments of Memorizing in the Buddhist Philosophy of Education - Sanjeewa Vijitha Kumara
  12. Universal Assumption for Good and Bad: Buddhist Perspective - Wimal Hewamanage
  13. Buddhist Approach to the Student Centered Education - Kudakathnoruwe Vineetha Thero
  14. Education as Heart-Mind Transformation Can We Work Towards a Global Ethic of Education? Aristotelian and Buddhist Perspectives Compared - Heinz-Dieter Meyer
  15. The Buddhist Analysis of the Significance of Meditation (Bhāvanā) in Promoting Ethical Education in the Modern Society - Rev. Tao Thanh Thanh Thuy
  16. Ethics and the Jātakas: Can Narrative Support a Secular Ethical Code? - Sarah Shaw
  17. Pañcaśīla: Universal Ethics and Their Contributions to the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Bhikkhu Nguyen Ngoc Anh


  1. Buddhist Education in Southeast Asia: Crisis And Remedies - Amarjiva Lochan
  2. Sustainable Society and Buddhist Ethics: Adaptations of Global Education in Dhamma Schools in Myanmar - HninPwint Han
  3. The Buddhist Approach to Modern Education in Ethics: A Case Study in India (Historical Perspective) - Tanushree Pabbi
  4. Buddhism in Action: Changing Paradigms in 21St Century - Aditi Kumar


  1. Re-Inventing Buddhist Education Values and Current Global Awareness as Educators' Self-Directed Insights Towards Pedagogical Practices - Edi Ramawijaya Putra
  2. An Appraisal of Buddhist Approach to Education in Ethics for the Global Sustainability - Kapila Abhayawansa
  3. A Way to Create a Peaceful World Order - Arvind Kumar Singh
  4. A Study of Role of Buddhist Education in Moral Ethics - Bimalendra Kumar
  5. Holistic Buddhist Approach to Global Education in Ethics - Ambassador Dato’ Dr. G. K. Ananda Kumaraseri
  6. Teaching Ethics and the Ethics of Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education - Devin Combs Bowles
  7. Ethical Challenges for Global Education: A Buddhist Perspective - Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury
  8. Buddhist Approach to Global Education in Ethics: Sustainable Peace and Development in the Contemporary Scenario - Kishor Kumar Tripathy
  9. Exploring Change and Interdependence to Promote Ethics Education in Secular Classrooms - Sue Erica Smith
  10. Buddhist Approach to Global Education, Ethics, Harmony and Peace Through Quantum Meditation - Ven. Bhikkhu Ananda
  11. The Value of Moral Practice in Buddhism - Ven. Mokesh Barua
  12. Education for Awakening, Awakening for Education: Reflections from the Field of Study Abroad - Christie Yu-Ling Chang
  13. Utility of Buddhist Education in the Era of Globalization - Deepak Kumar
  14. Theravada Buddhism and Its Approach to Global Education on Ethics - R.G.D Jayawardena
  15. The Practice of Dhamma: A Buddhist Approach to Global Education in Ethics - Ravindra Panth
  16. The Significance of Using the Buddhist Mentoring Concept to Build up an Ethical Atmosphere in Global Education - Ven. Dr. Polgaswatte Paramananda
  17. Ethical and Moral Education for Global Citizenship - Petcharat Lovichakorntikul
  18. The Significance of Enriching the Immune System in Dhamma that Leads to the Healthy World - Thiri Nyunt
  19. Buddhist Ethics and Technology Revolution 4.0 - Do Thu Ha
  20. Sustainable Development and Ethics in the Strategic Planning of Tertiary Education: Buddhist Values as a Promise for the Future - Milada Polišenská