Sub-theme 05: Buddhist Approach to Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Development


  1. A Buddhist Perspective on Overconsumption and its Negative Effects towards Society and Environment - Rev. Beragama Piyarathana Tero
  2. Attaining a Sustainable Society through the Teachings of the Khandhaka of the Theravāda Vinaya Piṭaka - Li Wai Sum
  3. Buddhist Perspective on the Maintenance of Healthy Ecology - Jyoti Dwivedi
  4. Buddhist Ethics in the Establishments of Green Tourism - Ida Bagus Putu Suamba
  5. A Holistic Buddhist Approach to Restoration of Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Development: An Analytical Exposition - R. M. Rathnasiri
  6. Buddhist Approach to Responsible Production and Consumption of Wealth for a Peaceful and Sustainable Society - Ven. Yatalamate Kusalananda Thero
  7. The Framework of Right Consumption - Gábor Kovács
  8. On Consumption as Necessity and Nemesis: Buddhist Considerations for a Climate of Change - Maya Joshi
  9. The Green Buddhist View to Solve the Modern Day’s Problem - Basudha Bose
  10. A Study on Buddhist Cultural Values of Consumption and Their Impact on Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka - Dhanapala Wijesinghe
  11. Buddhist Perspective of "Right Consumption" of Natural Resources for Sustainable Development - Rahul K. Kamble
  12. Need and Want-The Buddhist Perspective on Moderation of One’s Consumption for a Sustainable Development - Ven. Kirama Wimalathissa
  13. Utilization of Earnings in Consumption and its Impact on the Social Imbalance: A Critical Observation on the Buddhist Point of View - Viharagala Pagngnaloka Thera
  14. Buddhist Approach to Ecological and Sustainable Development - Vikas Singh & Ravindra Kumar
  15. Buddhist Scriptural Studies on the Natural Environment - Phra Rajapariyatkavi
  16. A Mindful Responsible Consumption and Production Leads To Sustainable Development - Po-Wen Yen
  17. Buddhist Environmentalism: An Approach to Sustainable Development - Sangmu Thendup
  18. Passing Inheritance of Better World to Our Younger Generations - Tin Tin Lay
  19. Monastery without Boundary - Hudaya Kandahjaya


  1. Buddhist Approach to Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Development - Karam Tej Singh Sarao
  2. Buddhist Approach to Economic Sustainable Development - Nguyen Ngoc Duy Khanh
  3. A Comprehensive Buddhist Approach to Restoration of Sustainable Society through Economic Stability - Ven. Ridegama Wanarathana
  4. Buddhist Way of Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice - Mukesh Kumar Verma
  5. The Buddhist Eco-Friendly Construction Technology and Solution for the Problems of Sustainable Development in PostModern Construction - A.G.R. H.S. Senarathne
  6. Sustainable Religious Tourism: Is the Buddhist Approach Able to Make It Happen? - Budi Hermawan & Ubud Salim, Fatchur Rohman, Mintarti Rahayu
  7. Buddhist Approach to Education and Sustainable Consumption - Bharti
  8. Buddhist Approach to Happiness as a Proper Measure of Social Development - Ven. Pinnawala Sangasumana
  9. Responsible Use of Religious Properties and Sustainable Development a Buddhist Perspective from Sri Lanka - Dr. Praneeth Abayasundara & Prof. Dhanapala Wijesinghe
  10. Buddhist Economics: Te Road Not Taken for Right Living of Sustainability - Upul Priyankara Lekamge
  11. Quagmires of Post-Modern Civic Society and Buddhist Anticipations and Prescriptions - Neelima Dahiya
  12. Social Cohesion and the Ariyaparyesanā Suta - Jeff Wilson
  13. Buddhist Approach to Human Society Development: Economic Ethics for a Ruler - Ven. Neminda
  14. Prema Mart: Learning from Kakkarapata (a Market Town of Koliyans) for Building the Sustainable Economy - Kustiani
  15. Re-Orienting Leaders in Business for Sustainable Globalisation - A Consideration of Perspectives from Buddhist Applied Ethics - Shyamon Jayasinghe
  16. Healing Consumerism through Buddhism: A Study of the Buddhist Approach to Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka - Tilini Nilanka Weerasooriya