Exploring Tam Chuc Pagoda, host of UN Day of Vesak 2019

Located in the Tam Chuc Buddhist Cultural Complex, Tam Chuc Pagoda has a special location that connects the Huong Pagoda tourism site in Hanoi with the Van Long nature reserve - Bai Dinh Pagoda - Trang An - Tam Coc tourism site in Ninh Binh to form a complex of salt-marsh ecotourism sites.

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NDO – The Tam Chuc Buddhist Cultural Complex, covering nearly 5,100ha in Ba Sao town, Kim Bang district, in the Northern province of Ha Nam, is one of the largest Buddhist Cultural Complexes in Vietnam and was selected to host the UN Day of Vesak 2019 (Buddha's Birthday, Enlightenment and Passing Away).

Behind the Tam Chuc Pagoda is the That Tinh Mountain and facing the pagoda is Luc Nhac Lake including six rocky islands, which are said to be the six bells brought down from heaven to the lake.

This is a limestone submerged area with many historical cultural relics and landscapes in the area and nearby regions.

The pagoda wall was rebuilt with 12,000 stone paintings depicting the legends of Buddha craved into the volcano rock by Indonesian artisans and a garden of 1,000 stone pillars carved with Buddhist teachings.

The Tam Chuc complex covers 44ha including main facilities of Dien Tam The (Main Hall of Three Worlds) , Ngoc pagoda, Tam Chuc temple, Mau temple, and others which have been completed to serve visitors.

Dien Tam The has three bronze Buddha statues inside, each weighing up to 80 tonnes.

The Ngoc Pagoda is built on the top of the That Tinh Mountain and is made of 2000-tonne stone blocks jointly constructed by Indian and Vietnamese engineers.

The International Convention Centre serving the UN Day of Vesak is located within the Tam Chuc complex and is built in a shape of a floating boat on a lake.

During the UN Day of Vesak 2019 from May 12-14, the centre is expected to welcome about 1,650 international delegates from 112 countries and territories and more than 20,000 domestic delegates.

With the beautiful landscape and cool climate, the area of Tam Chuc Pagoda is considered as "Ha Long on land" of Ha Nam province, which promises to be an interesting and impressive place for the delegates.

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